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Frequently Asked Questions



Will the Hoop II or Super Hoop Step attach to the bed of the truck?

No. They mount directly to the rocker panel of the vehicle. We do have Tool Box Steps on a limited application that fit the bed of the trucks.

Do the Hoop II and Super Hoop Step’s mount to the rocker panel or the frame of the vehicle?

The steps are designed to mount directly to the rocker panel. When installed properly this is a very strong mounting area.

The Hoop II and Super Hoops Step mounting brackets are loose when mounted; they wobble, is this OK?

No. If installed correctly they will be very rigid. Here are a few reasons why wobbling may occur; the brackets are not against a flat surface or our wedge washer was not used to create a flat surface. The bolts are not tightened. Mounted on the incorrect vehicle.

Should the step flex when mounted?

Whenever your step appears to be flexing it is not the step but the vehicles body metal. When installed properly our steps are rigid and do not wobble as long as it is mounted to a rigid object. Vehicle body metal thickness varies. This is why the step may appear to be flexing when in actuality it is the body metal.

What is the weight capacity of Hoop II or Super Hoop? If I weight 350 lbs will the step hold me?

Yes, if it has been installed properly and if it has not been damaged by hitting a curb, log or some other large stationary object that it may have run into. Because of variables that are out of our control, like installation, we do not have a set weight. However, these steps are extremely well designed and built for rugged use when installed properly with handling heavy loads in and out of your vehicle.

What is the normal wear and tear on the finish, even in extreme weather conditions?

With our polished finish in dryer climates it will keep its shine longer. Where there is a lot of rain and snow the polish finish will dull faster. However, in whatever climate if you use an aluminum polish like Mother’s, the finish will last longer. Our powder coated finishes will last very well in virtually all climates. However, if the powder coat is removed do to gouging and scratching the powder can come off.

How do I keep the steps looking nice?

For our powder coated finishes clean them as you would your vehicle. For our polished finish we recommend an aluminum polish like Mother’s.

Will the two 5/16 inch bolts provided be enough to securely mount my step to my vehicle?

Yes, if it has been installed properly. We use high strength bolts for this purpose. There are two sheet metal screws used as well at the top of each bracket to keep the bracket from vibrating.

Where is the best position on my truck for the Hoop II or Super Hoop Step?

Typically you want the center of the step to be at the front edge of the seat for either the front or back seat. This is not always possible. The step can be moved to accommodate other positions.

Is drilling necessary to install the step?

Most of the time. We do have some steps that do not require any drilling.

What is the drop of the step?

Depending on what step and vehicle you have it is somewhere between 8 to 16 inches.

Can I buy a single step?

Yes. It can be special ordered.



What is the clearance between the bottom of the cross bar and the roof of my vehicle once my light bar has been installed?

Anywhere from ½ inch to 4 inches depending on your vehicle and the light bar you purchased.

What is the difference between the highest point on my light bar to the roof of my vehicle?

Anywhere from 3 to 6 inches depending on your vehicle and the light bar you purchased.

How do I mount the lights on the light bar?

We provide 5/8 inch holes where you will install the light on our bar. How your light attaches to our light bar will depend on the manufacturer of your light.

Is any drilling required to install the light bar to my vehicle?

It depends. Those that require drilling are vehicles without raingutters. These vehicles need our raingutter kit to mount our light bar. Our raingutter kits do require drilling.

How many lights can be mounted?

As many as you like as long as the total weight does not exceed 4 pounds.

The bar is too long; does it need to be cut?

Most of the time it does. Some of the older vehicles use the bar length as is.

How does your light bar mount to my vehicle?

It clamps to the raingutter. Vehicles without raingutters need our raingutter kit for proper installation of our light bar.



Can I buy components (hardware, bracket, casting, etc.)?


How can I get an Instruction Sheet from your company?

You can download it from our website here, or we can email it, fax it, or mail it to you.

What is the warranty on the product?

Limited life time.

I purchased one of your products from a company that no longer exists, whom should I contact?

Contact CARR directly and we will take care of you.