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Tread Plates

XM3 Polished

CARR's new Xtreme Mechanical Polished finish that won't rust, crack or peel and requires very little maintenance.

XP3 Black

CARR's new Xtreme Black Powder Coat finish features a lightly textured matte finish that resists scratching, peeling and fading.


  • 8" XM3 Polished or XP3 Black $16.99
  • 12" XM3 Polished or XP3 Black $20.99
  • 18" XM3 Polished or XP3 Black $25.99

CARR Tread Plates come in 8", 12" (shown below) and 18" widths and will fit any 3" diameter tube bumper or side bar and they are very easy to install. These tread plates will give you a non-skid surface on any smooth tube product. It is available in two finishes, our XM3 Mechanical Polish (shown below) and XP3 Powder Coated Black.



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(Single Step)

(Single Step)

8-Inch Tread Plate
130941 130942
12-Inch Tread Plate
130701 130702
18-Inch Tread Plate
130711 130712